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12 Lavender Long-Stem Roses Bouquet

Lavender is a calming color that promotes peace and rebirth. Send a gift of beautiful, soft lavender roses to loved ones to wish them well or celebrate a special time. As one of the rarest-colored roses, a lavender bouquet is distinctive and visually stunning. For romance, friendship, or family,…

Purple is calming and mysterious, and lavender roses are one of the more rare colors, perfect for sending to someone you love immensely.

Lavender roses enveloped in brown paper and secured with vintage-style twine.

Send a unique display of multi-colored roses. Different colored roses range from yellow to red and lavender and create a display that is both classic and intriguing. Arranged against a background of baby's breath, these roses are sure to delight any recipient.

3 Reviews

12 Multi-Colored Roses with Purple Vase

Purple is often the color of choice for royalty, and where you pair beautiful, vibrantly-colored roses in a sweet, matte-look, lavender vase, you discover a bouquet fit for a queen or princess.

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